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booksCourage_to_Soar.jpg “Courage to Soar: A Body in Motion, A Life in Balance”
It took a leap of faith. A new job, a big move, a new skill, a major purchase, a ring on your finger and “I Do.” Even if you knew you were on the right path and you could handle whatever came next, you still felt like you were stepping off into the unknown. It definitely took a leap of faith but, as in the new book “Courage to Soar” by Simone Biles (with Michelle Burford), sometimes, you just have to close your eyes and jump. It all began with a rainy-day field trip to a Houston, Texas gymnasium. Simone Biles was six years old then, but she’d already endured more than many adults. She and her siblings were born in Ohio to a mother who was unable to care for them, so the children circled between foster homes, grandparents, and mother. Finally, it was decided that the younger two would be adopted by their grandparents and would stay in Texas, which turned out to be a fortuitous decision: there was a trampoline at their Texas home, and Biles almost couldn’t stay off it.

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